The Crew of The Heart Warrior Project

Our crew at The Heart Warrior Project consists of fellow cardiac arrest survivors, or co-survivors, people who have been directly impacted by sudden cardiac arrest.

Cardiac Comeback Crew Facilitators

Jellis Vaes

Facilitator (Central European Time)

I am the main facilitator and founder of the project, so I do much more than facilitate events. My roles include writing articles and show notes for each episode, searching for guests and cardiac experts, editing podcast episodes, responding to emails, managing social media, designing the website and products, and brainstorming new ideas to improve The HWP. Additionally, I facilitate events such as our online meetups, where I hope to welcome you sometime.

Jamey Bowden

Facilitator (USA GMT -5)

Jamey was our podcast's first guest as a cardiac arrest survivor, and the initial supporter of this project. His inspiration helped shape the project into what it is today. Jamey is also our first heart warrior to join the team, hosting our online Cardiac Comeback Crew Meetups.


Lauri Carpentier


The woman behind the scenes, or pages, if you will, who also happens to be my bookworm girlfriend, my angel who saved my life. I would not be here without her. She is the proofreader here at The HWP, ensuring that my texts look great, and she translates everything on the website from English to our native Dutch.

Become a part of The Heart Warrior Project

Managing this project while studying at university and working is quite demanding. However, I deeply care about this initiative and the well-being of cardiac arrest survivors. My goal is for this project to positively impact the lives of fellow survivors. To this end, I have begun selectively opening up volunteering opportunities for survivors who wish to contribute and make a difference in the lives of other sca survivors.

Volunteering options:

Video Editor: Help me edit some of the episodes for the podcast of The Heart Warrior Project. Since this takes up quite a lot of time, some help here would be deeply appreciated. If you are interested you can email me at

  • Requirement: You are a survivor or co-survivor, so you get what this project is all about. Additionally, you are proficient in video editing and familiar with software such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, DaVinci Resolve, etc. Knowing how to edit podcast episodes is a plus but not mandatory. I can provide guidance if needed.

Why Join Our Team?

Ideally, I would love to provide our team members with numerous benefits, including financial rewards. However, as this is a small project, we have limitations. Nevertheless, I am constantly brainstorming ways to offer good benefits to our team members and make being part of the HWP team worthwhile.

So what’s in it for you, as a member of our HWP team?

  • Free Heart Warrior Merch: Every year, you get to choose a free item from our Heart Warrior merchandise (in the future, this may increase, but for now, funds are limited). You can select any t-shirt, pullover, mug, or other merchandise we create.
  • A Good Cause: By joining us, you will directly impact the lives of fellow cardiac arrest survivors. You are contributing significantly to raising awareness of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). And awareness saves lives! 
  • Team Check-in and Support: At regular intervals (to be announced to the team), we’ll have team check-ins to see how everyone is doing personally and to catch up. These are open invitations, not mandatory, won’t take long (we all have a life after all) and you can leave the check-in whenever you want.
  • Shape the Future of HWP: While I value feedback from everyone, being part of our core team means you will have a greater influence on the future direction of The Heart Warrior Project. Your feedback and opinions are highly valued and will directly impact HWP’s development.
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