How Sauna Benefits Cardiac Arrest Survivors and Heart Health

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The sauna has been around for a long time. And for a long time, they have been associated with health benefits. However, only recently have there been many more studies and research conducted to truly understand the full range of health benefits saunas can provide—and of course, how and why.

I am not an expert on saunas, but ever since my cardiac arrest, I have been looking into ways to improve my cardiovascular health, reduce the chances of another cardiac arrest happening, and combat heart failure.

In my search, saunas have popped up quite a few times. So, I took a bit of a deep dive into this subject.

A great researcher I found who is deeply involved in doing research on saunas is Dr. Rhonda Patrick.

Here in this article, you can find one of her recent interviews. I highly recommend that you check it out. In the interview, she talks in-depth about the benefits of saunas and exactly how they can improve a person’s life span and help reduce a range of ailments such as heart disease.

If, after listening to this interview, you’d like to learn even more about saunas, I have incorporated under the interview a few more great sources that you can check out if you are interested.

If you don’t want to listen to the whole interview, here are some key points from the interview and from Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s table of contents page on saunas:

  • Important reminders for us survivors of cardiac arrest or those with heart disease: Do not use a sauna when you’ve just had a cardiac arrest or a heart attack. According to Dr. Rhonda Patrick, the sauna is safe to use for the majority of people, even those with heart disease. However, the condition of your heart disease must be stable. If you are unsure of your condition, please talk to your cardiologist before using a sauna.
  • Cardiovascular health: Like exercise, long-term sauna use generally improves blood pressure, endothelial function, and left ventricular function, and reduces inflammation.
  • Hypertension: Men who used the sauna for two to three sessions every week were found to have a 24% lower risk of developing hypertension, and men who used the sauna four to seven times per week had a 46% lower risk for hypertension, compared to men who used the sauna only once per week. Just a single sauna session has been shown to lower blood pressure and improve arterial compliance.
  • The more the better: A large prospective study conducted in eastern Finland has shown that, compared to men who only used the sauna once per week, moderate sauna users (2-3 times per week) are 22% less likely to experience sudden cardiac death, and frequent users (4-7 times per week) are 63% less likely to experience sudden cardiac death. In addition, frequent sauna users were found to be 37% less likely to die from all causes of premature death, regardless of age, activity levels, and lifestyle factors.
  • Best way to use a sauna: It is best to use the sauna for 20 minutes at 170 Fahrenheit (76 Celsius, so I guess anything between 75 and 80 will be good) and 20% humidity.
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