Cardiac Comeback Crew (Online Meetup)

Hey, everyone! I’m Jellis Vaes, a survivor of sudden cardiac arrest and founder of the Heart Warrior Project—an initiative aimed at supporting fellow survivors. If you’ve been following the project, you probably already know that :).

Surviving a cardiac arrest entails navigating significant changes that impact each of us differently. Whether it’s adjusting to medication, living with an ICD, or simply moving forward after this life-altering event, we all face unique challenges.

Post-hospitalization, the journey to reclaim a ‘normal’ life is largely in our hands, and it often feels like we’re piecing together something that was taken from us.

Support plays a crucial role, especially during challenging times. As survivors of sudden cardiac arrest, our pain is often invisible, and there aren’t many who understand our experiences. That’s why I’m hosting this online meetup—to bring together those interested in sharing a virtual drink, engaging in conversation, and connecting with fellow survivors.

Event Info:

When there is a new online meetup happening with available slots, you will see ‘Meeting Poll Open’ on the button below. If not, you will simply see ‘Meeting Poll Closed’.

Through the poll, people can vote on which dates they prefer from the dates available. As this is the way a poll works, the date and time with the most votes will be picked. Once a date is chosen, a confirmation email with the link to the meetup will be sent to you.

What Will Happen During the Meetup?

For each online meetup, you can bring a topic you are currently struggling with that you want to share or seek advice about, or that you want the group to brainstorm on, or if you simply want support. If you just want to be there for others and to chat, that’s totally fine too—even if you don’t have a specific topic you want to discuss.

Bring a drink and join us!

At the moment, I don’t stick to a specific theme to discuss during these meetups. The reason for that is because someone, maybe you, really need support or advice on a specific topic. If we do themed meetups, that could stand in the way.

How Many People Can Join?

The online meetups will have limited slots for a maximum of 4 people (me included). I want to keep these online meetups small and personal so we can all have time to chat with each other and lay out the topic we want to talk about.

Is This Meetup Free?

Yes! It absolutely is. Support is so important. I don’t want money to stand in the way of someone getting the support they need.

However, if you do want to help keep the project alive, donations are always welcome. Or check out our merch! We have some very cool (or at least I think so) Heart Warrior t-shirts, hoodies, and mugs.

How Long Will the Meetup Be?

There won’t be any hard deadlines. But I am thinking of an hour to an hour and a half. Again, some online meetups might be shorter, some slightly longer. Know, however, that once you join, you won’t be stuck here and you won’t have to stay until the very end. Of course not. You are free to leave earlier for whatever reason or no reason at all. And you will always be welcome to join another meetup.

Still Have a Question?

If you still have any questions, worries, or suggestions about the online meetup, you can always contact me by sending an email to: or a DM on Instagram:

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