Mike Papale from In A Heartbeat | Surviving a Cardiac Arrest at Age 17

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At the age of 17, Mike Papale survived a cardiac arrest while playing basketball. In an act to prevent more people from dying from a sudden cardiac arrest and spread more awareness on this topic, Mike started In A Heartbeat in 2015, a foundation which so far has donated 200 AEDs, raised $35,000 to research, trained 3,000 in CPR, and screened 4,000 hearts.

Timestamps of this episode:

  • Intro 00:0002:48
  • Surviving a cardiac arrest at age 17 02:4806:38
  • The importance of AEDs 06:3807:20
  • Being diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy 07:2009:40
  • How it feels to get your ICD replaced 09:4010:40
  • What the first few years of recovery were like 10:4012:40
  • The medication Mike is currently taking 12:4014:55
  • The first years are the hardest 14:5519:56
  • Support The Heart Warrior Project 19:5621:38
  • Life changes Mike had to get used to 21:3822:51
  • In A Heartbeat Foundation 22:5128:10
  • The medical setback Mike experienced 28:1032:10
  • How Mike feels about all that has happened to him 32:1033:07
  • Why Mike Started In A Heartbeat Foundation 33:0736:00
  • Mike’s book A Big Heart 36:0039:25
  • What Mike wished his cardiologist had told him sooner 39:2542:08
  • When you feel bad, sad, angry, etc. because of what happened 42:0844:48
  • The lack of awareness around sudden cardiac arrest in young people 44:4847:44
  • One last tip and advice Mike would give to other survivors 47:4450:13
  • Outro 50:1350:57
  • Support The Heart Warrior Project 50:5751:57
  • In A Heartbeat (In A Heartbeat Foundation is dedicated to preventing death from sudden cardiac arrest and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)with a goal of installing an AED in every building in America.)
  • A Big Heart Podcast (Through A Big Heart Podcast, Creator & Host Mike Papale addresses how to overcome the physical and emotional obstacles of life with heart disease—exploring a different challenge in each episode.)
  • A Big Heart (A Big Heart is Mike Papale’s story of surviving cardiac arrest, learning to live with illness, finding your life path, & committing to helping others.)

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