Mental Health

Surviving a cardiac arrest is an emotional rollercoaster to go through and subsequently live with. In addition to it all, some of you may also be suffering from other heart diseases, you may be taking a lot of different medications, and you are living with an ICD. In some ways, big or small, your life has changed. It certainly did for me. Dealing with these changes and with the ups and downs of surviving and going on with life after a cardiac arrest can be incredibly hard mentally. Here, you can find articles on how to help your mental health through this rollercoaster.

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    Hey! Jellis here, founder of The Heart Warrior Project. 

    If I may ask for one moment of your time: I am one guy who runs this project along with my full-time job and my studies. I absolutely love working on this project, and I have no intention of stopping. However, if you are a fellow cardiac arrest survivor and you feel you have been helped in some way by this project, please consider supporting The Heart Warrior Project by buying either the awesome and inspiring Heart Warrior t-shirt or mug. A donation is, of course, always possible too. 🙂

    You’ll not only look great, but you’ll also be helping this project to continue to survive and with that, help other fellow survivors find support.

    With thanks,