Cardiac Arrest Survivor, Alan Owen: Dealing with Fatigue, Appreciating Life, and Much More

Table of Contents

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Alan Owen had a cardiac arrest while playing walking football. Luckily, an ex-police and military officer on the field knew what to do and started performing CPR on him while two helicopters flew in to provide further support to Alan. All of this was unfolding right before the eyes of his teenage son.

Timestamps of this episode:

  • Intro 00:0002:40
  • How Alan had a cardiac arrest 02:4007:06
  • Why Alan had a cardiac arrest 07:0610:31
  • Dealing with the side effects of medication and living with an ICD 10:3113:38
  • Talking with your loved ones about what has happened 13:3816:28
  • Dealing with fatigue 16:2719:12
  • The aftermath of cardiac arrest with family, friends, and those who saved us 19:1225:02
  • Alan’s book about his recovery journey.
  • The importance of giving meaning 25:0227:20
  • Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone 27:2031:31
  • Support The Heart Warrior Project 31:3133:16
  • The insane fatigue survivors often deal with 33:1637:40
  • The trauma our body went through 37:4041:06
  • Looking fine from the outside, but struggling within 41:0644:19
  • What Alan wished his cardiologist would have told him sooner 44:1946:40
  • The importance of a support group 46:4051:05
  • The fear of getting a shock from your ICD 51:0557:36
  • What helps Alan to cope with the tough moments 57:361:02:42
  • The things that are still difficult to communicate to the people in Alan’s life 1:02:421:07:37
  • You nor your family will ever forget the event of surviving a cardiac arrest 1:07:371:10:23
  • Patience is key 1:10:231:16:50
  • End 1:16:501:17:35
  • Support The Heart Warrior Project 1:17:351:18:35

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