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Booking Page for Medical Professionals/Health Experts

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If you are a medical professional or a health expert on heart health and you would like to appear on the show to provide tips, advice, and information to cardiac arrest survivors, you can find more info about the podcast and how to book your interview here on this page. 

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What Is the Podcast About? 

The podcast of The Heart Warrior Project is where I chat with fellow cardiac arrest survivors who are willing to share their journey. It’s a podcast that aims to provide emotional support for other survivors so that we don’t have to do this alone. However, every now and then, I love to invite a medical professional or health expert to provide deeper insights, information, and advice on a specific topic related to heart health.

What Questions Will Be Asked?

The questions will vary greatly, depending on the topic and expert that I talk with.

What you can expect are well-researched questions that will be worth asking. But before the initial interview, I also will ask fellow survivors what questions they have for you in advance.

If you are an upcoming guest health expert, you can take a look at the following page to see some of the questions people have already posted.

In the end, you don’t have to worry too much about the questions, because that’s what I, as the host, will be busy working on.

Booking Your Interview

Please take a moment to review the following to make sure we both agree on the same things before you book the interview:

  • This interview will be shared on the internet (social media, the website of The Heart Warrior Project, Spotify, etc.). Are you comfortable with this? Note that before the conversation goes live, you will have the final say about whether you want to change anything. 
  • Both audio and video will be recorded. Are you okay with that?
  • The interview will be around 30-45 minutes. Would you be willing to make the time for this?

If you agree with all of the above, you can schedule a date and a time that works for you here: httpss://

Thank you for wanting to do this. It would not only mean a lot to me, but your interview will also help many cardiac arrest survivors through this wild journey. 

I hope to chat with you soon.


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