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Support The Heart Warrior Project

Note that The Heart Warrior Project is run by one guy, which is, yes, me.

In between work, studies at university, and just life, I try to squeeze in some time almost every day to work on this project. This project takes a lot of work, as I genuinely want to deliver high-quality and helpful content for survivors here. 

And I do it with much joy every day. 

However, it’s not only time that this project requires, but, obviously, money to keep it running: from website hosting, to plugins that make the website more functional, my proofreader, Adobe Creative (to edit the podcast episodes), a booking system to make it easy for guests to appear on the show, and podcast hosting.

I do not mind paying for any of these as I care a great deal about this project. 

But help is always appreciated.

Therefore, if you have found or come to find anything helpful or insightful here on the website, please consider supporting The Heart Warrior Project.

If you are a survivor, I would recommend buying either a Heart Warrior t-shirt, a Heart Warrior hoodie, or a Heart Warrior mug.

I, together with an illustrator, created the design for them (and we’re working on more cool designs to come). 

Both the t-shirt, hoodie, and mug are made from durable and quality materials, and don’t they look just great?!

Of course, these are just suggestions, but I do not think you will regret having them.

I personally love wearing the t-shirt and hoodie myself. And I drink my coffee every day out of my Heart Warrior mug

If the t-shirt, hoodie, or mug doesn’t speak to you, there are a few other ways to support The Heart Warrior Project:

  • BUY ME A COFFEE: If you think I deserve a coffee for the work I put into this project, you can support me with a virtual coffee on Ko-fi. What will I do with the proceeds? Well, due to my heart disease, I won’t be enjoying a cup myself. Instead, I’ll channel the funds into further project development. Anything, even as little as €2, can help me to keep this project alive.
  • AFFILIATE LINKS: If there are any links to a product mentioned in an article or podcast episode and you are interested in buying it, consider doing so through the provided link. Likely, it will be an affiliate link. What is an affiliate link, you ask? Basically, it is a link where I could earn a small commission if someone buys the product through that link. Buying through this link will not cost you anything extra.
  • LEAVE US A RATING: One of the challenging things about a podcast is getting people to leave a rating or review. I know, it’s kinda boring to do that. However, a rating would help tremendously to spread stories from fellow SCA survivors and share information from cardiac health experts about sudden cardiac arrest. Additionally, it helps me to find more cardiac health experts to interview, allowing you to receive more valuable information. So, if you could take a minute to leave a rating on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, I would be truly grateful, and you too will reap the benefits.
  • SPREAD THE WORD: If you like what I am doing here, you could always simply spread the word about this project to anyone you think might benefit. It would help a lot.

Choosing any of these ways to support this project will truly help me a lot in putting out more content and building The Heart Warrior Project further.

Become a part of The Heart Warrior Project

Managing this project while studying at university and working is quite demanding. However, I deeply care about this initiative and the well-being of cardiac arrest survivors. My goal is for this project to positively impact the lives of fellow survivors. To this end, I have begun selectively opening up volunteering opportunities for survivors who wish to contribute and make a difference in the lives of other sca survivors.

Volunteering options:

Video Editor: Help me edit some of the episodes for the podcast of The Heart Warrior Project. Since this takes up quite a lot of time, some help here would be deeply appreciated. If you are interested you can email me at

  • Requirement: You are a survivor or co-survivor, so you get what this project is all about. Additionally, you are proficient in video editing and familiar with software such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, DaVinci Resolve, etc. Knowing how to edit podcast episodes is a plus but not mandatory. I can provide guidance if needed.

Why Join Our Team?

Ideally, I would love to provide our team members with numerous benefits, including financial rewards. However, as this is a small project, we have limitations. Nevertheless, I am constantly brainstorming ways to offer good benefits to our team members and make being part of the HWP team worthwhile.

So what’s in it for you, as a member of our HWP team?

  • Free Heart Warrior Merch: Every year, you get to choose a free item from our Heart Warrior merchandise (in the future, this may increase, but for now, funds are limited). You can select any t-shirt, pullover, mug, or other merchandise we create.
  • A Good Cause: By joining us, you will directly impact the lives of fellow cardiac arrest survivors. You are contributing significantly to raising awareness of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). And awareness saves lives! 
  • Team Check-in and Support: At regular intervals (to be announced to the team), we’ll have team check-ins to see how everyone is doing personally and to catch up. These are open invitations, not mandatory, won’t take long (we all have a life after all) and you can leave the check-in whenever you want.
  • Shape the Future of HWP: While I value feedback from everyone, being part of our core team means you will have a greater influence on the future direction of The Heart Warrior Project. Your feedback and opinions are highly valued and will directly impact HWP’s development.
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