Upcoming Health Expert: Cardiac Rehab Expert, Angela Hartley

Every once in a while, I will invite a medical professional or a health expert to the podcast of The Heart Warrior Project to help you as a cardiac arrest survivor live a better life. Whenever a new professional or health expert is about to appear on the podcast, I will give you the chance to ask a question you’d like me to ask that person. On the podcast, I will always make an announcement when another expert is about to come on the show, so don’t forget to follow the podcast to stay notified.

Questions are open until 19/06/2023.

We are thrilled to announce that Angela Hartley, a renowned cardiac nurse and cardiac rehab expert, will be joining us as a special guest on the podcast of The Heart Warrior Project. As someone who has dedicated her life to helping those who have suffered heart attacks, heart surgery, or sudden cardiac arrest, Angela knows firsthand how overwhelming and scary it can feel to get back on track.

Through her work with Healthy Hearties, Angela has empowered countless people with the knowledge, confidence, and tools they need to get their energy and life back on track. Her Cardiac Rehab Programme is designed to help individuals understand their heart condition, learn about their medications, and discover heart-healthy foods that will help them feel great again.

What question would you like to ask Angela? Let me know and I’ll ask her.

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  1. I think this great Jellis that you are doing this, I think my question would be about the fatigue after the SCA and if there has been any research on long term effects because I know it’s impossible to say how long the average person has fatigue because we are all different. Thanks a lot and look forward in watch this podcast!!!

  2. I’m really keen to know about what we can do in the weeks and months after a heart attack and SCA to help improve heart function and increase the EF?

  3. I had SCA only 60 days ago (heart stopped for 16 minutes). Now, just two months later (this week) I get an ICD shock for V Tach at 288 bpm and now I’m in a perpetual state of fear that I’ll be shocked again soon or that my ICD will fail when I need it to shock my heart. My question is how do people cope with this type of PTSD and how long does it take to emotionally recover.

    1. Hey Kurt. Gosh, that’s a lot you went through such a short amount of time… Wishing you a lot of strength my friend. It’s a great question! But I think it’s more suited for a possible other health professional who helps people around that topic. I will keep the question in mind!

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