(Q&A) Psychologist Dr. Samuel Sears: Mental Health Challenges of Cardiac Arrest Survivors

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I am honestly very excited to have you here to check out this Q&A episode with Dr. Samuel F. Sears, who is a Professor of the Departments of Psychology and Cardiovascular Sciences at East Carolina University. 

Dr. Sears is considered by many as the world authority on the psychological care and quality of life outcomes of patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs). He has published over 200 articles in medicine and psychology research literature and has well over 10,000 citations. 

In 2021, Expertscape.com named Dr. Sears one of the top 50 experts / prolific authors in the world on implantable defibrillators over the last 10 years from amongst the 27,847 authors of the topic.

In this Q&A episode, I ask the questions that many of you sent me for Dr. Sears. We discuss a range of different topics: from dealing with depression, anxiety, and PTSD, to handling the fear of being shocked, making the outside world understand the difficult road we are on, and all the exciting advancements coming soon to ICD. And so many other vastly interesting topics Dr. Sears delves into in-depth. 

I am quite confident that you will find more than just a few fascinating and helpful takeaways to improve the quality of your life in this episode with clinical health psychologist Dr. Samuel Sears.

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Timestamps of this episode:

  • Intro 00:0002:54
  • Support The Heart Warrior Project 02:5504:20
  • Who is Dr. Samuel Sears? 04:2108:23
  • What got Dr. Sears into health psychology 08:2411:51
  • Recognising and distinguishing anxiety, PTSD and depression 11:5122:54
  • Taking care of mind and body after a cardiac arrest: the importance of cognitive behavioral therapy, a support network and exercise 22:5528:33
  • Regaining confidence 28:3431:07
  • Coping with anxiety or panic attacks 31:0838:10
  • Managing memory loss 38:1141:15
  • You’re so lucky you survived’: Dealing with emotional invalidation as a survivor 41:1650:18
  • Celebrating small victories 50:1952:28 The special wisdom of heart patients 52:2957:22
  • Support The Heart Warrior Project 57:2359:05
  • Sharing your experience with loved ones: allowing for negative emotions to heal 59:061:09:50
  • Unnecessary shocks: creating faith in your ICD and a sense of safety 1:09:511:21:51
  • Building better communication with health care providers 1:21:521:30:47
  • The future of cardiac rehab 1:30:481:35:00
  • What survivors should know about the future of ICDs and cardiac health awareness 1:35:011:40:19
  • Outro 1:40:201:43:42

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Dr. Samuel F. Sears

board-certified clinical health psychologist

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