Returning to Competitive Dog Agility After Surviving a Cardiac Arrest

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Markus Lindgren, my first Swedish guest on this show, shares his recent experience of surviving a cardiac arrest and the impact it has had on his life in this podcast episode. Having survived it only 8 weeks prior to recording, it’s all pretty fresh. Yet, the way Markus approaches it all, and has returned to competitive dog agility (more of that in the episode), is truly inspiring.

Timestamps of this episode:

  • Intro 00:00
  • Markus Lindgren’s cardiac arrest experience 02:35
  • The actions taken to save Markus’ Life 08:51
  • The emotional impact of sharing the cardiac arrest story 13:58
  • The Impact of the stroke on Markus’s recovery 19:17
  • Support the Heart Warrior Project 23:41
  • Markus’ remarkable return to dog agility competitions 25:26
  • Confronting death and embracing fearlessness 35:55
  • Continuing tests and check-ups 42:02
  • Feeling deep gratitude for still being alive 45:18
  • Living with an ICD and finding good information about it 51:40
  • What is hard to communicate to the people around him 58:13
  • A last piece of advice Markus has for other survivors 01:06:51
  • Outro 01:09:22
  • Get Involved 1:10:45

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