Be a Guest on the Podcast of The Heart Warrior Project

Booking Page for Cardiac Arrest Survivors

Hey, thank you for checking out this page.

If you are a cardiac arrest survivor and you would like to share your story and provide tips and advice to other survivors, I am always looking to interview new people on the podcast.

Take a moment to read through this page to understand better what the podcast is about, what questions will be asked, if appearing on the podcast is something you are comfortable with, and how to book your interview.

What is the Podcast About? 

The podcast of The Heart Warrior Project is a place where I like to chat with other cardiac arrest survivors who are willing to share their journey. It’s a podcast that aims to provide emotional support for other survivors so that we don’t have to do so much of this alone.

What Questions Will Be Asked?

There are a few set questions, which you can find ‘here’. You can review them and, if you want, think ahead about your answer. 

Ultimately, however, this is a conversation we will be having. You can take your time to think, and you don’t have to fire away with your answer immediately and perfectly. 

It may happen that not every question on this list will be asked or that different questions might be asked during the interview. Again, this is a conversation-style interview, and as conversations go, each one will be different.

Note that, in the end, you have the answers within you. So do not overthink the questions from the list. The answers will come naturally during our conversation.

Booking Your Interview

Please take a moment to review the following to make sure we both agree on the same things before you book the interview:

  • This interview will be shared on the internet (social media, the website of The Heart Warrior Project, Spotify, etc.). Are you comfortable with this? Note that before the conversation goes live, you have the final say about whether you’d want to change anything. 
  • Both audio and video will be recorded. Are you okay with that?
  • The interview will be around 45 minutes. Would you be willing to make the time for this?

If you agree with all of the above, you can schedule a date and a time that works for you here: httpss://

Thank you for wanting to do this. It would not only mean a lot to me, but your interview will also help support fellow cardiac arrest survivors through this wild journey. 

I hope to chat with you soon.


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