Cardiac Rehab for SCA Survivors | Cardiac Rehab Expert, Angela Hartley

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I am thrilled to announce that Angela Hartley, a renowned cardiac nurse and cardiac rehab expert, has joined me on the podcast of The Heart Warrior Project as our first health professional to answer questions, that you – the listeners – sent in on the topic of cardiac rehab for sudden cardiac arrest survivors.

As someone who has dedicated her life to helping those who have suffered heart attacks, heart surgery, or sudden cardiac arrest, Angela knows firsthand how overwhelming and scary it can feel to get back on track.

Through her work with Healthy Hearties, her website where she offers cardiac rehab programs, Angela has empowered countless people with the knowledge, confidence, and tools they need to get their energy and life back on track.

Timestamps of this episode:

  • Intro 00:0002:37
  • What Angela does 02:3704:09
  • How Angela got interested in becoming a cardiac rehab expert 04:0908:34
  • Q&A with Angela Hartley 08:3409:10
  • Can exercise improve fatigue? 09:1019:45
  • Why do some get referred to cardiac rehab and others don’t? 19:4525:06
  • Support The Heart Warrior Project 25:0626:50
  • Exercises to do at home 26:5030:56
  • Is there ever a case where cardiac rehab wouldn’t be helpful for someone? 30:5637:17
  • How does medication make it difficult for some during rehabilitation or exercise in general? 37:1745:57
  • When are you done with rehabilitation? 45:5750:33
  • Last words of Angela to sudden cardiac arrest survivors 50:3352:10
  • Outro 52:1052:52
  • Support The Heart Warrior Project 52:5253:54
  • Healthy Hearties (Getting you back to full fitness with confidence after a heart attack, surgery, pacemaker or health scare through private and online Cardiac Rehab in the UK.)
  • Supplements Angela mentioned in the conversation; Iron, B12, and Coenzyme Q10
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK: Home (Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK (SCA UK) was founded with the goal of helping those who have survived or been affected by sudden cardiac arrest.)

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