In-Depth Q&A About ICDs: Former Medtronic Employee, Douglas Rachac

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Douglas Rachac (better known as Doug), who is the moderator of several support groups for ICDs, a device patient, and a former Medtronic employee, answers various questions sent in by you, the listener, in this Q&A episode on the podcast of The Heart Warrior Project.

We cover a wide range of information here in this Q&A episode, and I sincerely hope that the answers will be of help to you. 

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Timestamps of this episode:

  • YouTube channel of Douglas Rachac (I spent 14 years working for a medical device company before I myself became a defibrillator patient at the age of 40. Now I advocate for and educate other patients so they can live their lives free of device related stress and anxiety. I’ve made these videos to help answer some of the more common questions new and old patients ask from magnets and airport security to how devices and leads work.)
  • Heart Device Answers (Heart Device Answers was created to help answer your questions about heart devices and heart device therapies.)
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Guide (All medical device company have their own guide that can be found online.)

Support Groups:

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